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As part of In House Casting Ltd, In House Agency represents only the strongest performers in the industry, from all-round dancers and triple threats, to singers, actors and actor/musicians.

In House Agency will only consider artistes who have received professional training and have graduated from one of the recognised CDS/NCDT accredited colleges or similar vocational establishments, and we place as much importance on professionalism as the development of talent. In today’s industry it is not enough to be talented in purely one discipline: performers need to be versatile. In House Agency actively promotes career development and we encourage our artistes to continually improve their skills and learn new disciplines so they will not only be suited to any requirements, but will also demonstrate complete professionalism with a positive attitude.

If you would like to be considered for representation by In House Agency please fill in the form on the contact page or email us a short introductory cover letter and attach your current CV and headshot. If you are already a member of Spotlight please ensure you include your Spotlight View Pin with your submission.

Terms & Conditions


In House Agency represents a collective of artistes from dancers and actors to vocalists and triple threats within the professional entertainment industry of theatre, film and television production. All Artistes are of professionally trained standard and have graduated from nationally recognized CDS/NCDT accredited colleges or similar vocational establishments.

Future auditions for In House Agency will be announced in advance and at our request, submissions of CVs / Headshots will be accepted during this time for consideration before any invitation to audition for In House Agency is offered. If you are already a member of Spotlight please ensure your Spotlight Number is quoted with your submission.

Prospective Clients will be asked to confirm their current representation status to In House Agency (if currently represented). This will help when considering applications from artistes who wish to be represented under In House Agency, in particular if an artiste is looking for representation within a similar field of work in the profession.

In House Agency will not be held accountable for any infringement or breach of contract relating to any agreements already in place between prospective clients and their current agents, agencies or personal managers. Please show respect to your current representative by ensuring you have read through any current written agreement or contract, and ensuring that you as the artiste may be represented by another agent. In some cases this will not be possible.

All artistes who are accepted for representation under In House Agency must ensure they obtain a full Spotlight Membership within seven days of accepting an offer of representation.  

All of our representation agreements are confidential and in respect of our clients their personal information will not be shared with any third parties.

In House Agency will only secure fully paid work for its clients. This does not include expenses only or any other form of voluntary work unless pre-agreed.

At present In House Agency does not represent or accept submissions from any persons below the age of sixteen.

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